As has been mentioned this week, I downloaded the freshly launched app Snapguide. And I do love it. To echo many sentiments, this app is absolutely beautiful and incredibly timely. And easy to use! I summed up my thoughts for Alexia like this:

“It is Instagram-level useful, Path-level beautiful and Pinterest-level addictive.”

Two of those apps have reached the mainstream audience as evidenced by my Facebook friends’ timelines. They are certainly not a group of early adopters but they are enthusiastic once they are introduced to, and find use for, a new product. I believe that Snapguide has the potential to grow in this fashion.

As Michael said, everyone has something that they’re good at. I struggled to find the courage to post mine as I’m typically a consumer rather than producer of content. I was put off on my first choice (hint, hint) in favor of something that I thought was a little more challenging, more useful and less girly (although that is debatable): Installing a Frame Cluster. [Cue FYNCT.]

The app is incredibly intuitive as it guides you through creating your How To. Choose from text only, video or photos as you create your guide. It allows ease in rearranging the order of the steps and just looks all around pretty while you’re using it. Say what you want about me, but aesthetics are important. Snapguide did crash on me once or twice, but that is to be expected and didn’t really turn me off.

Back when I first downloaded Snapguide, I posted a link to it on my Facebook profile with a recommendation that my friends download and try it out. Two did (horrible, horrible ROI), but hey, a Pinterest wasn’t exactly built overnight.

I had a lot of fun creating my guide and I’ll definitely contribute another one. Who knows, maybe the next guide I’ll make will be on sock puppets!


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