Pair. The social network for couples. The app that started a rather large chain reaction in my life. Pair is a GroupMe/Path hybrid that I’m not sure needed inventing but since it is exists (like Everest), and CrunchFund invested in it, I opted to give it a whirl.

Even though I began playing with Pair after taking this gentleman’s brilliant and sad suggestion, I did actually get the opportunity to try the app out with a real person. Of the opposite sex. Of the dating persuasion. (I guess outing myself as single on Twitter has its benefits.) However, after using Pair daily for a few weeks, my feelings on it are mixed.

While it is certainly a creative app that fills a void left by Path and Facebook, it still touches the cynical part of me that stubbornly resists the annoyingly cheesy part of a romantic relationship. The first time my Pair partner pressed the “Thinking of You” button, I groaned audibly. Luckily, he wasn’t around to hear it. (Yet at the same time, I swooned a tiny bit. See how I’m a conflicted hopeless romantic? Please don’t tell him.)

Being able to share pictures, or Moments, together is a lot of fun and also disruptive to my wireless carrier who is trying to get me to heavy up my SMS plan. (I’m a huge advocate of documenting my daily adventures in photo format and texting them out.) Moments are an area where I think Pair can improve: from that section of the app, it would be great to be able to scroll through each picture instead of tapping each one individually to open and close.

I really enjoy the drawing feature but perhaps that is because my Pair partner thinks that I can, in fact, draw. I initially thought he was mocking me. See why?

In my use of the app, it has stability issues that need to be shored up. While it doesn’t regularly crash, it does randomly send old Moments back into the stream or hold them back entirely to send later. This has caused confusion with my Pair partner more than once. Also, neither one of us has been able to successfully record a video and send it through the app. Email wins out there.

No review of Pair would be complete without mentioning the Thumb Kiss. I couldn’t figure it out and to be honest, am still not sure how to initiate one, but it is really cute/corny. A Twitter follower had good suggestion for this feature: adding tactile feedback so it is a little more obvious when the Thumb Kiss occurs. (I’m not sure if I’ve ever written a more ridiculous sentence than I did just then.)

Hamish from PandoDaily had some other great growth suggestions for the Pair team like linked bank accounts and synched calendars. These, along with some more functional tightening, make a lot of sense as they roll out future versions. Although in my burgeoning relationship we really only require the app for flirting. And flirting on Pair is ultimately a lot of fun.


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