One thought on “Everlane: Does A Designer Shirt At Any Other Price Point Smell As Sweet?

  1. Dear Leslie
    Take a look at, a virtual closet white label website offering launched in 2011 as proof of concept.

    Integration into any online retailer offering is a simple exercise which offers your clients additional value-add. By this we mean that the look and feel of the product is integrated into your own website as your very own offering.

    The user registration process automates a preloaded closet of basics which the user can then tweak to represent their own closet at home (if you already have a purchase history for your existing customers, these actual items can also be preloaded into their closets upon registration).

    The system currently includes algorithms to match items from users closets into a daily email of outfit suggestions. It also searches and identifies from a predetermined list of missing closet basics AND can identify retailer hot list seasonal item must haves for the user. Not only that, but it also shows the user how they could wear those hot list items with what they already own in their closets at home. The database of unique outfits is currently more than 200 000 strong.

    Over and above this, the system is linked to weather forecasts for every city around the globe. Outfit suggestions are therefore weather related.

    If you’re Interested in further information, contact me.


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