A Vision in Eye Care Innovation


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Globally 280M people are visually impaired… 80% of eye disease can be cured.

Refraining from (*too many) eye-related puns, the scope of vision healthcare enormous and something that technology startups are well-poised to take advantage of.

What strikes me most about the eye care space is that it not only has huge commercial upside, but most of the potential market exist in third world countries. Traditionally out of sight, out of mind this offers a decidedly social focus to any startup choosing to solve these problems. Think charity:water for instance. In a world where everyone is creating a buzzy messaging service or vapid dating app, it would be refreshing to see truly innovative, successful, and altruistic products exist.

Cue EyeFocus, a freshly launched accelerator in Berlin, which is laser focused on this substantial market. The team is currently accepting startup applications for the first cohort, beginning in February. Should you know any healthcare startups which have set their sights on eye care, or a qualified program manager, reach out. They’ll be watching for you.

Because I believe in giving back, I’ve joined EyeFocus as a mentor and I’m looking forward to getting to know startups in this space. They have so much to offer this global economy.

…and because I simply can’t resist, I’ll just leave this here for you:


*Pun/idiom count: 8